The studio is fully equipped for:

– Sound editing and 5.1 (pre)mixing for film, tv, radio, internet and video games.
– Custom sound effects design
– ADR and voiceover recordings
– Sound restoration (Cedar DNS 3000, RX6 Advanced, Waves WNS)
– Audio conforming (re-edits, re-caps etc)
– Upmixing from stereo up to 7.1 format (and everything in between)
– AC3 encoding/decoding
– Loudness standard EBU128 compliant

– Two Protools 12 based studios (Protools HDX and Protools), separate machine room
– Dynaudio Air monitoring (studio A: 5.1 and studio B: stereo)
– Large plugin collection
– Large commercial and in-house sound effect library accessible with Soundminer software
– Large stock music library with over 120.000 different titles.
– Adr/voiceover booth
– Microphones: Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH40’s, Sennheiser MKH 8040 ORTF stereo kit, Aquarian audio h2a-xlr Hydrophones, Barcus Berry Planar Wave Stereo kit
– Sound Devices 744t recorder available for additional sound effects recording on location
– FTP server for filetransfers
– Airconditioning
– Wireless internet and freshly ground espresso

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