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SoundFuse releases royalty free, high quality, sound effects libraries for sound designers and picture editors. These are theme libaries, where a specific theme is recorded extensively in high quality (24 bit, 96KHz).

Like the Household collection. It contains doors, waterfaucets, clocks, door creaks, deskdrawers, sliding doors and much more. In other words everything you’ll find in and around the house.

Within the recordings, where relevant, we record different performances of the same sound.  A creaking door for instance is actually played like an instrument.
Slow, fast, soft, loud would be different intensions you’ll find in the library.
All these variations are edited within one soundfile in which the editor can quickly judge the content and find what he’s looking for.

The sound effects are shot in mono, stereo, quad or 5.1 formats.
They are all embedded with Soundminer metadata descriptions. Always starting with the recorded subject, followed by more information.

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