Television drama

Hollands Hoop – 2nd season (Hollands Hope)
Fokke Augustinus, a disillusioned forensic psychiatrist with a burn-out, inherits his fathers farm in the north of the Netherlands. Fokke and his family decide to move to the farm on the Groningen countryside. Once there, he discovers that this farm, called “Hollands Hoop”, is a cannabis plantation that is part of an even bigger drug empire. Fokke is increasingly swallowed up by the dark activities that take place on the farm, as a result of which he slowly loses his ethical awareness.

In the second season of Hollands Hoop, Fokke transforms the local farming community into a prosperous mini-society by establishing a clandestine cannabis cooperative. But becoming a leader is one thing, staying the leader is something completely different.

The characters who survived the first season return in the second season, such as Fokke (Marcel Hensema), Machteld (Kim van Kooten), Pepijn (Martijn Lakemeier), Dimitri (Peter Van Den Begin), Sasha (Nikola Djuricko) and Anna (Cynthia Abma).

Dana Nechushtan

Franky Ribbens

Lemming Film

Marcel Hensema, Kim van Kooten, Martijn Lakemeier, Peter Paul Muller, Gaite Jansen, Cynthia Abma, Peter Van Den Begin & Megan de Kruijf

Sound design / re-recording mixer
Giel van Geloven

Dialogue editor
Paul Bijpost

8 x 50 min

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