Television drama

Annie M.G. by Dan Nechushtan

Annie M.G. – her songs, her romances – is a love epic about her life. The series tells the story about a shy reverend’s daughter, born in ‘Zeeland’, who grows up to be one of our most loved writers in the 20th century. Annie starts with an original post-war genre with her humorous and relativizing writing.
In her private life, Annie’s a searching, passionate woman, who falls in love with a married man. He has an affaire with her for years and they have a child together, when she’s rather old.
A woman who craves love, putting everything on the line in order to make her man a happy man, until he takes his own life.
The existence of this ‘old’ Annie consists of talking to her deceased husband Dick and writing, which is what she lives for. Music, Dance and humor are the main criteria she sticks to in her work.

Director: Dana Nechushtan
Producer: Bos Bros
Cinematography: Bert Pot
Editor: J.P. Luijsterburg
Sound Design: Giel van Geloven
Original music: Ferdinand C. Boland

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