-DNXHD36 video file preferred.
-Add a stereo downmix to the videofile for reference
-Picture should have project timecode imprinted and preferably scene, slate and take aswell.
-SMPTE leader, the first actual picture frame of the film starts at whole timecode hours.

24 fps version:
Download Startleader 1080 Prores 24fps (192 frames)
Download Startleader 4K Prores 24fps (192 frames)

25 fps version:
Download Startleader 1080 Prores 25fps (192 frames)
Download Startleader 4K Prores 25fps (192 frames)

These startleaders are based on SMTPE (8sec, 24fps) filmleaders. This industry standard dictates all film leaders should have a total frame count of 192 frames, with a sync pop at 48 frames.
Regardless of framerate. So the 24/25fps versions simply play these exact same frames at a different speed. You still get to see the same 192 frames although visually it seems 24fps. So don’t let this confuse you!
Place the leader in front of your project. The first frame of the film should start at whole hours, for instance 01:00:00:00.
In 25fps projects the sync pop should then show at 00:59:58:02.
In 24fps projects the sync pop should show at 00:59:58:00.

– AAF referring to original media, including a 2 pop matching the SMTPE leader
– All soundreports
– A disk with all original media shot for the project
– A cuesheet of all used score/music

For re-edits we use Conformalizer which requires a EDL CMX3600 of each picture layer.
For more details please read this portion of Conformalizers website.

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