Dutch Film Production Incentive

Dutch goverment designed a cash rebate to stimulate the film production climate in the Netherlands and to improve the dutch film industry’s competition position on an international level. From may 2014, each year €20.000.000  is reserved for this intensivation. The Dutch Film Production Incentive will last for at least four years.

Both dutch and international productions are eligible for the cash rebate. The Dutch Film Fund will asses applicants for eligibilty. The reimbursement of costs can add up to 30%,  with a maximum of 1 million euros per application. Once the production of the film is complete, a percentage of the expenditure for making the film in the Netherlands will be refunded to the producer.

The introduction of this new scheme means that all sound design, sound editing, adr, foley and/or re-recording mixing done at SoundFuse is eligible for this cash rebate.

Read more about it here:

Netherlands filmProduction Incentive – Dutch Filmfund


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Major points of the regulations:

  • A 30% cash rebate on qualifying Dutch expenses
  • Qualification for the rebate requires application and approval by the Dutch Film Fund.
  • Co-production status (not service-production) with a qualifying Dutch producer is required
  • Non recoupable
  • Apply four times a year, result within 13 weeks
  • Principal photography not to start prior to confirmation of the contribution
  • Eligible costs only after confirmation of the contribution
  • Have 50% of your financing confirmed at time of application
  • Receive up to 1m euros per production
  • A distribution guarantee in The Netherlands is required
  • Minimum total budget is 1m euros
  • Minimum Dutch qualifying budget is 333,000 euros
  • The fund will grant 20 million euros in rebates each year

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