Best TV drama since 90’s

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The dutch newspaper Volkskrant recently did a top 10 of the best television drama shows in the Netherlands since 1990.
We are proud to have worked on five of these ten productions!
The jurymembers were critics and film professionals: Betty Post, Matthijs Bockting, Walter van der Kooi, Hans Beerekamp, Bart Koetsenruijter, Esther Wouda, Hans Schwarz, Jeanine Hage, Joke Hermes and Sonja de Leeuw.

  1. A’dam E.V.A. (sounddesign and re-recording mixing)
  2. Oud Geld (1998-1999) (sound mixer)
  3. Penoza (2010-2017)
  4. De zaak Menten (2016)
  5. Dunya en Desie (2002-2004)
  6. Gooise vrouwen (2005-2009)
  7. Ramses (2014) (sounddesign and re-recording mixing)
  8. Pleidooi (1993-1995)
  9. De daltons (1999-2000, 2007-2008) (sounddesign and re-recording mixing)
  10. Annie M.G. (2010) (sounddesign and re-recording mixing)

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